Thursday, January 13, 2011

First snow

On our way to grandma's house today Sariah saw and recognized snow for the first time. She saw it last christmas but was too little to get excited and won't remember much from when she was 18 months old. Today she was beyond excited and demanded that we stop the car so she could touch the snow. I vow to one day live in a city where it snows regularly during the winter months. Both of my children, myself, and my husband love the snow.

On my mind...

My little man is amazing! Oh how I feel so blessed to be his Mom. He is smart, handsome, thoughtful, loving, kind, so funny and witty, and the best hugger! Yes there are days when he drives me crazy, he is only 9 and not perfect yet. But don't all kids drive their parents crazy? His mind is always on the go. He is never just sitting there thinking nothing. He is also very perceptive to all that is around him. He is so much like his father that sometimes I don't know wether it is a blessing or a curse.
I love my little man and all that he is!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus

My favorite tradition each Christmas is the birthday party we throw for Jesus. The last two Christmas' we have been with all the Utah relatives staying at my Mom's. Having our big meal and party to celebrate the Savior's birth all planned out for us.
This year we weren't able to go up to Utah so I got to plan my own birthday celebration. It was awesome. I prepared lots of middle eastern/ Greek food, made a birthday cake and invited over some friends. Our house was full of people just like I was at home with my family. Seriously it made my whole Christmas.
After we ate lots of yummy food we took a moment to talk about the greatest gift the savior has given us. We also wrote down our present this year for the savior. It was such a wonderful evening.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Sariah is loving the fact that her brother is able to play with her all week. She might yell and scream at times but he is her favorite playmate!
Justin has been so patient with his little sister. When she is nice he loves it. When she is cranky he is normal and gets frustrated.
I call Justin bud or buddy often. Today for the first time Sariah keeps saying Justin buddy as she plays with him.
I love watching them play happily together, it makes all the fighting they do seem nonexistent. I love Christmas break!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa at the Mall?

Went to the mall today with this little cutie to get her picture taken with Santa. We stood in line and waited our turn to find out that they weren't going to let me take a picture with my camera. I had to buy their cheapest one photo package at $17 if I wanted to get a picture with him. So disappointed in the mall but life will go on.
Little Miss is getting so big and has sooo much personality. Love it! She keeps surprising me with her vocabulary and her ability to do anything she puts her mind to.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


At our house we try to get the kiddos to bed by 8pm. Most nights this comes with some whining and excuses of the need to use the potty one last time, a drink of water, one more story, and whatever they can come up with.
One night last week the whining was nonexistent. Giggles were heard and lots of hugs were being given. I snapped a few shots with my phone and fell in love with this shot. These are my 3 favorite things I am so eternally grateful for!

Little singer

Last night as little miss was going to sleep she started to sing a song about our day together. It was such a needed boost to my mothering skills. Since she is two her day consists of lots of instances where she tries to exert her free will. Sometimes this can be trying. We went to see pictures of jesus yesterday and talked about him for 15 minutes. Last night as she sang her song she sang all about Jesus and loving him and He loving her. It was the sweetest thing. She has been singing her song today too! Love it. Love her.