Friday, November 28, 2008

Zoo Day

So last year during Thanksgiving break Justin and I went to the zoo with some friends. This year I thought we should try it again, maybe we have a tradition starting? We went back to the same zoo...Ft. Worth Zoo... with some new friends...last year's friends had moved...and we had a great time. It was Sariah's first time at a zoo and I think she did well for being only 6 months old. Justin enjoyed most of his time and had very tired legs towards the end. Here are some pictures from our adventure at the Zoo.

Justin enjoyed the birds.

Mama Lion and her cubs...Justin said there were a total of 4 cubs.


These 2 beautiful birds were actually pecking at each was interesting to watch.

A really big orangutan

The Rhino

Cheetah hiding in the bush...okay...trees.

This is Justin in the reptile house...the kid is petrified of bugs but he loves snakes, lizards, turtles, and frogs...

Princess Rachel

Me and the kdis

Sariah loves the Bjorn...

We love to snuggle up for a close up

The beautiful Carter girls!

Us again.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tree is up....

So this past Sunday we put up our Christmas Tree. I love Christmas and would most likely have a tree up year round if a majority of my friends and family wouldn't think I was crazy. I got a way with starting Christmas music right before Halloween...even though my 7 year old thought I was nuts. I am just so excited for Christmas this year...why you might ask? Because I get to spend it with my whole huge family...well...there will be one brother and sister-in-law who won't be able to make it but I do get to spend it with most of my family and I am soooo excited to see them all. So the sooner the tree goes up the sooner I get to be with them all....only 3 more weeks and 2 days till we are with everyone...but who is counting?
Anyway, here are the kiddos in front of the tree. I am not sure how to take a good Christmas tree picture so I just focused on the kids. You can tell that it's not the biggest tree in the world...but it works for us right now.

Tuesday Night Tub Time

So this past Tuesday night cute Justin wanted to help me give Sariah a bath. Innocent enough of a request I thought but then it turned out to be much more then just a bath for Sariah. We had a lot of fun but most likely won't have another bath night like this one so it is one for the memory books that is for sure.

After a few minutes Justin asked if he could stand in the back of the tub and help.

Then he wanted to get as close to Sariah as possible so he pulled up his shorts.

After a few minutes of getting as close to the water as he could I finally just let him take off his shirt and sit down...yes he is still wearing his shorts.

They had a blast together.

Justin was laughing the whole time and loved being in the water right next to his baby sister.

Sariah didn't understand what all the excitement was all about.

But she had fun with her big brother Justin.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Exersaucer...or is that exerpooper....

Okay so my cute little girl loves to be put in the exersaucer...I do not know how to spell that word by the way....anyway, she loves the thing. More recently every time I put her in the fun little toy, she has been using that time to fill her pants. This past week I have had to wash the seat 3 times because she has over filled her pants with a nice package of grossness. One time it was so bad that I even had to clean the bottom portion of the do they get so much poo to come out every time? The poo came down the legs of her pj pants and out by her feet...she was just dancing away in it. Gross! When it happened I just sat there and laughed for a good 5 minutes before I took her out to clean her up...the great thing is she sat there and laughed right along with me. I am sure if anyone would of been watching the 2 of us laugh at her poo filled exersaucer they would of had me committed but it was a fun mother/daughter moment.
Anyway. Here is a picture of the toy she loves without any poo.


You Are Mashed Potatoes

Ordinary, comforting, and more than a little predictable

You're the glue that holds everyone together.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Remember When

Do you remember when?
Here are the rules.

1. As a comment on my blog, leave a memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember! If we're only blogging friends or if you're a blog hopper who happens upon my blog regularly...leave me a comment. There must be reason you keep stopping by! Say something! If you don't have a blog or don't know how to sign in, sign up for an account! You won't regret it!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog (if you have one) and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty fun to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll be sure to write one about you... either on your blog, in my comment box, or I will email you back!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

So many photos

Okay these are the random photos taken from the past 2 weeks. I need to get them on here before Thanksgiving Break since I will be taking so many more with Justin being home and us going out and about trying to do fun stuff.

My kids really do love being around each other...I keep hoping Justin will be this way when he is 12...what are my chances?
I love taking pics of Sariah right out of the tub...she is so cute!

Getting ready in the morning.

She loves her new towel from Aunt Cynthia!

Her shirt from Grandma Ladybug says that she wants lots of kisses...believe me she loves kisses and can't wait to get lots of them from Grandma!

Playing with the door stopper...


Happy tummy time

Uncle Hugh and Justin...

6 months and Sitting

This past Friday Sariah turned 6 months old. I can hardly believe that she is already 6 months, seriously where did all that time go? It seems like just yesterday that she was the itty bitty that we were bringing home from the hospital. Sheesh!
On her 6 month mark she started to sit up by herself without any outside help. Please be warned that there are a lot of pictures to follow.

Here she is in the morning watching mom get ready in the mirror. Practicing sitting in her bumbo.
Such a serious face.

Later that day waiting for Dad to come home.

Mom and the big 6 month old!

Sibling love...can you tell that they like each other?

Here is my big girl sitting up all by herself....can you tell she is so proud of herself?

Oh she is the cutest!

Love those eyes.

What is this on the floor?

Hmmm...can I get to the camera?


Brother trying to teach her how to crawl.

Justin wanted to share in the celebration so he did a little dance for Sariah....he is seriously so funny. He decided the best dance to do was the YMCA dance.....He cracks me up!
Here is the Y




He keeps us entertained every day...

Sariah would be so bored without Justin.


Me with the kiddos

Us again.

Justin took this one because he didn't like my arm in the other pictures

Daddy came home and joined in the fun with Sariah

She really wishes she could go already like the rest of us.

Sexy Daddy Man and Baby Girl!