Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tree is up....

So this past Sunday we put up our Christmas Tree. I love Christmas and would most likely have a tree up year round if a majority of my friends and family wouldn't think I was crazy. I got a way with starting Christmas music right before Halloween...even though my 7 year old thought I was nuts. I am just so excited for Christmas this year...why you might ask? Because I get to spend it with my whole huge family...well...there will be one brother and sister-in-law who won't be able to make it but I do get to spend it with most of my family and I am soooo excited to see them all. So the sooner the tree goes up the sooner I get to be with them all....only 3 more weeks and 2 days till we are with everyone...but who is counting?
Anyway, here are the kiddos in front of the tree. I am not sure how to take a good Christmas tree picture so I just focused on the kids. You can tell that it's not the biggest tree in the world...but it works for us right now.

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Cherry Blossoms said...

They are SOOOOO Stinken cute! I love the bathtub pictures too!