Thursday, January 13, 2011

First snow

On our way to grandma's house today Sariah saw and recognized snow for the first time. She saw it last christmas but was too little to get excited and won't remember much from when she was 18 months old. Today she was beyond excited and demanded that we stop the car so she could touch the snow. I vow to one day live in a city where it snows regularly during the winter months. Both of my children, myself, and my husband love the snow.

On my mind...

My little man is amazing! Oh how I feel so blessed to be his Mom. He is smart, handsome, thoughtful, loving, kind, so funny and witty, and the best hugger! Yes there are days when he drives me crazy, he is only 9 and not perfect yet. But don't all kids drive their parents crazy? His mind is always on the go. He is never just sitting there thinking nothing. He is also very perceptive to all that is around him. He is so much like his father that sometimes I don't know wether it is a blessing or a curse.
I love my little man and all that he is!