Friday, July 31, 2009

Justin's Birthday Post Finally!!

Have I ever told you that I have the cutest 8 year old in the world? If I haven't told you well let me tell you now. I have the cutest 8 year old in the whole wide world and I love him to pieces. It was so much fun to celebrate his birthday this year. Here are the pics from the weekend of celebrating Justin.

Sariah and I made Justin a birthday sign while he was out getting his haircut on his actual birthday.
Here is an up close shot of the sign so you can see Sariah's handy work.

Justin was so excited to turn 8 because he wanted to get his new set of scriptures. That is the big present you get when you turn 8 in our house. James thought it would be funny to wrap up Justin's old Book of Mormon in a new scripture case and tell him we only had money for the case this year. Justin was such a good sport with his Daddy's joke.

Here are the real things. He was so excited, he kept saying thank you for a few hours after he opened them. It was cute.

Then we went out for ice cream on the actual day of his birthday.

The cuties

Then on Sunday after Honey and Pops came home from camping we had cake and a little party with the whole house.

Big 8 year old blowing out his candles.

Justin asked me for a vanilla chocolate swirl cake with chocolate icing. This is what I made. It was actually really yummy even though it looks a little weird. Justin loved it and that is all that really matters.

Happy Birthday to my handsome little man.

Friday, July 24, 2009

It's been a few weeks again

I am sorry that it's been a few weeks and I haven't posted. I just keep finding myself not sitting down to type. My cute little man with be getting baptized* tomorrow and we are all excited for the big event. I will hopefully get some good pics to post in the near future. I still have 4th of July pics and his birthday photos to share on here. I am such a slacker. So sorry.
Life has been sort of crazy the past few weeks and I have been a cranky stress case because I haven't focused on the things most important. Most of the time I just post all the good stuff that is going on because who really wants to read about all the garbage. Just know that we are all alive and well here in AZ. We are grateful for our health, our family, the rest of forever, and the gospel. What more could you ask for? Life is good.

*Baptism by immersion in water by one having authority is the first saving ordinance of the gospel and is necessary for an individual to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to receive eternal salvation. All who seek eternal life must follow the example of the Savior by being baptized and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's his Birthday today!

Today my little man turns 8 years old!! I can't believe how big he is getting. I am so excited to spend the day with him celebrating. He is such an awesome kid. I am truly the luckiest Mom in the world. I have tons of posts that I need to update you with from the 4th of July and some funny kid video's but I needed to let you all know that it is Justin's birthday today! I will be celebrating all weekend long!
Happy Birthday my little man, I love you!!!

(This pic was taken this morning before he went to get his haircut, pics tomorrow will be with the haircut.)

Saturday, July 4, 2009


What Freedom are you grateful for?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Chocolate Cake

One night after dinner we had chocolate cake for desert. Sariah was so shocked when I plopped down a whole piece for her to enjoy on her tray. She loved making the mess with the icing. She does such a cute job when she makes messes that it's hard to get mad at her.

She is the cutest!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

(Guest Blogger Brynn) Fun with the Fraze Family!

Hey, I'm Brynn Gifford. One of Tiana's many younger sisters it seems. I enjoy being around her and her family. You are about to see how fun and crazy life can be now that the Fraze's are living here.The Fraze's join us every night for family prayer and scriptures. This particular night Tiana decided to use her hair clip as a sining puppet. That's the little green thing you see at the side of her head.
Sariah and Tiana snuggling on the couch. They are the cutest pair. One cute mom with one cute baby.
Here is my favorite pictures of Tiana singing during family time. I caught her while she was holding a note out. (her little puppet is there too)
Lovely Tiana makes smoothies every day for me, James, and her. Just to let you know they are delicious and healthy at the same time. I love them.
Tiana and Sariah enjoy on of the few nice days outside. They decided to move here during the summer, one of the hottest times of the year.
Sariah, is being Miss Strong and putting the basketball in the dog bowl. That kid really has some muscle. The other day I found her trying to move scriptures out of her way.
As you can see, Sariah enjoys every meal in this house. She is a great artist as well. She knows how to make sure every different food is in her hair.
Every night after her display of art she is rushed up to the bathtub where she gets a full bath every night. She loves being in the tub, and she is much happier when she is clean.
Now Justin is a whole different story. He is the most energetic boy I know. He is always looking for some way to make the house cleaner. He is a big help.
When Justin is calm the whole house can relax. I had to get this picture while he wasn't looking. He is very particular about when and where I take his picture.
I really enjoy having the Fraze's live with us. They make life so much more interesting. I love them all to pieces. I hope they are enjoying us too even though we all have are moments.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

California Part 7- Talking Hank

When we were in California I captured this cute video of Justin playing with Hank and getting him to talk. My little man is super good with babies and he loves to play with them. He is truly a great big brother to his sister and I am very blessed to have him in my life.
Enjoy the cutie video