Friday, July 31, 2009

Justin's Birthday Post Finally!!

Have I ever told you that I have the cutest 8 year old in the world? If I haven't told you well let me tell you now. I have the cutest 8 year old in the whole wide world and I love him to pieces. It was so much fun to celebrate his birthday this year. Here are the pics from the weekend of celebrating Justin.

Sariah and I made Justin a birthday sign while he was out getting his haircut on his actual birthday.
Here is an up close shot of the sign so you can see Sariah's handy work.

Justin was so excited to turn 8 because he wanted to get his new set of scriptures. That is the big present you get when you turn 8 in our house. James thought it would be funny to wrap up Justin's old Book of Mormon in a new scripture case and tell him we only had money for the case this year. Justin was such a good sport with his Daddy's joke.

Here are the real things. He was so excited, he kept saying thank you for a few hours after he opened them. It was cute.

Then we went out for ice cream on the actual day of his birthday.

The cuties

Then on Sunday after Honey and Pops came home from camping we had cake and a little party with the whole house.

Big 8 year old blowing out his candles.

Justin asked me for a vanilla chocolate swirl cake with chocolate icing. This is what I made. It was actually really yummy even though it looks a little weird. Justin loved it and that is all that really matters.

Happy Birthday to my handsome little man.

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