Friday, March 26, 2010

Enjoying our visit.

Sariah and I are in Utah for a visit. We are half way through our stay and have been enjoying it so much! There are so many pictures and I already have a months worth of back pictures to blog about...promise to get busy with the blog posts as soon as I return to AZ.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I know the past posts have not been personal ones....I promise to get some personal family ones up soon but I wanted to post this video for an awesome gal. She is a gal I knew in Virginia and is pretty amazingly talented. She is trying to win this contest.....

Ingrid Michaelson is having a contest for her song Everybody.

Now I would not post this video if I didn't love the song and think that it was well done. Melissa Branin is seriously so very talented. She did this awesome video watch it and enjoy. The more views she gets the better her chance is at winning. Watch it a thousand's playing over and over again on my screen while I do my computer stuff. really is a great song....Everybody wants to be loved!!! I love you!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hey...I love you!

I saw this video last night and it made me smile huge! I am totally loving this song and have played it a whole bunch of times for Sariah and I to dance around the house. It is bunches of fun for all involved.

In way of updates, Little Miss has been saying so many new words these past few weeks. Her vocabulary is totally exploding. It is amazing to me how these little creatures grow and learn each day. I feel so blessed to be able to watch her....even when she is screaming at me.
Little Man is so stinking smart. He is reading at a 6th grade level....yep that would be my little 3rd grader. He is getting better with his positive attitude and anger....a post I will write about at another time. He is having fun with cub scouts and is starting next month and he can hardly wait.
Mr Sexy Man is working hard on both his day job and the house in his spare time. He is amazingly wonderful.
I love my little family and feel oh so very blessed. Don't get me wrong there is lots of crap that has been happening with stress around every other corner but we are blessed.
I will try to get some regular posts up soon. But until then enjoy this awesome video!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Living in a Construction Zone

When you think of construction what comes to mind? I think of hard hats, orange cones, yellow tape, big holes, lots of dirt and a ton of dust. While we might not be living with hard hats, orange cones, or yellow tape....we are living in a home with some unfinished work and lots of dirt and dust. My fridge is in the garage, the tile and carpet are none existent, a few rooms are still not painted, and all of the doors are missing from thier regular spots. Except for the front's in the right place. This might not be ideal and there are a few situations that have led us to living in this construction zone which were a bit frustrating and stressful but I love it!
I love that we are finally in our house. We get to grow with this house as it becomes our home. We have been waiting a long time for this one. And while it is going to be a bit uncomfortable for the next few weeks....maybe a month or two... we have a place. Our own place and it is wonderful!

Please be patient with the blog posts since they will be scarce...I will try to download some pictures this next week once we get internet at the house. Right now I am sitting at my Dad's using his internet.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Playing with Daddy

While I was making dinner last Sunday this is what I captured out my kitchen window.

These 2 kiddos love spending time with their Daddy. He makes the room so much brighter every time he enters. The kiddos both get big smiles and want to make sure they get some Daddy love whenever he is around.

Little Man and Little Miss figuring out how to play soccer together. Little Man got a bit frustrated that she wasn't understanding his rules but they eventually came to a happy medium.

They also made sure to come and see me so I would feel loved.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Captured the Moment

One Saturday morning I was in the kitchen doing dishes when I heard silence from the other room were the kids were playing. Most of the time this means Justin has left the room and Sariah is getting into something so I went to investigate.
I found Sariah laying perfectly still on the couch while Justin was covering her with the foam blocks.

Seriously a 21 month old toddler lying still? She was.

Justin was smart to put the teddy bear by her face so she wouldn't freak out and scream.

It was funny how she let him cover her with blocks and 3 blankets. That was one big baby.

The whole time enjoying every moment of her brothers undivided attention.

She even pretended to go to sleep for him.

This was a fun morning. It's always these memories that I like to remember...them playing nice together. Not the memories of teasing and screaming that come from both of them at various times. I hope they stay friends forever.