Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hey...I love you!

I saw this video last night and it made me smile huge! I am totally loving this song and have played it a whole bunch of times for Sariah and I to dance around the house. It is bunches of fun for all involved.

In way of updates, Little Miss has been saying so many new words these past few weeks. Her vocabulary is totally exploding. It is amazing to me how these little creatures grow and learn each day. I feel so blessed to be able to watch her....even when she is screaming at me.
Little Man is so stinking smart. He is reading at a 6th grade level....yep that would be my little 3rd grader. He is getting better with his positive attitude and anger....a post I will write about at another time. He is having fun with cub scouts and wrestling....soccer is starting next month and he can hardly wait.
Mr Sexy Man is working hard on both his day job and the house in his spare time. He is amazingly wonderful.
I love my little family and feel oh so very blessed. Don't get me wrong there is lots of crap that has been happening with stress around every other corner but we are blessed.
I will try to get some regular posts up soon. But until then enjoy this awesome video!

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Sarah said...

I love that song! Dancing with kiddos is the best :)