Monday, December 22, 2008

Home for the Holidays

We are out and about this holiday season with family and loving it. I am taking pictures and enjoying the time we have together. Promise I will update a whole bunch when I get back but for now I am going to be enjoying the time with my family! Merry Christmas to you all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Justin and Sariah love to snuggle.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Playing in a box

At the beginning of the month I had to do some cleaning out of Sariah's closet. Make room for the new size she was moving into and get some warmer things to put on. Well while I was doing this she spent a good hour entertaining herself in a box. I spent a good 15 minutes just watching her and taking pictures cause it was so darn cute. Seriously, how do I get anything done with so much cuteness!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

11 more days

I can hardly wait.....11 more days and then I will be able to spend 2 and a half weeks with my very large family that just keeps growing. I can hardly wait to see everyone....and I mean every last one of them....I even get to see my Arizona and Idaho family as well.....oh wait a minute...there is one brother and his wife who will not be there...sad...very sad...but I get to see everyone else! Wahoo!!! I have been counting the days for over 2 months now....and we are down to 11 days...technically it is 10 days and 11 hours till the plane lands in Utah...that is just a rough estimate. :)


So it's been over a week since Thanksgiving and I have not posted a thing. Sariah has been giving me a rough time in the sleeping department. She had her first cold about 3 weeks ago. The snot and cough kept her up most nights with me holding her on the couch so we could both sleep. I use the word sleep lightly in my area since I don't sleep the best holding a 6 month old. Sheesh. Once she was back to sleeping regularly after the cold she started to cut some teeth I think...because her sleeping is back to crazy and back to the couch with low grade temp, lots of drool, and chewing on everything hard. Her and I are trying to figure this thing out because the couch is not my favorite place to sleep. are some pics from Thanksgiving. We had a blast with our friends the Carter's who invited us to their house. It was a great day with great friends and great food.

Chillin' before food time

My brother Hugh was able to spend the holiday with us playing a game on his phone.

The beauty Savannah

Becca and Justin in the kitchen cooking.

Eating yummy food

Scrumptious pies, apple and pumpkin

Kids table.

More eating of yummy food

After dinner there were games played by the guys.

James pretty much dominated the leg wrestling

Except for the one time Hugh flipped him...and that is the one action shot I got!

Phil has really long legs

Then they played this finger dagger game.

It was a fun night with the Carters and the guys burned off some of the calories.