Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas !Love the Frazes

PS We are out of town and I wasn't able to get posts scheduled for the next few no more posts for probably a week or two. Sorry.
Do you miss me?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Treat Free Zone

Pops calls his office the "treat free zone" and I was lucky enough one day to capture Sariah going out to Pops' office to get her "treat".Here she is coming out with her red vine...oh she loves these things and eats them soooo fast.

Sean learned quickly that day where the good stuff was and Pops made sure he had a bag of treats for his road trip home.

I love this picture cause you can see Pops getting a thank you kiss from Sariah in the background of Sean eating his red vine.

Office door closed...treat free zone closed.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ian Vists Arizona

My cute brother Ian and his little family drove through Arizona on their way home to Utah from Georgia. They had been in Georgia for about 6 months and took a good long road trip home. It was very nice to see them for a few days and spend some time just chillin'.

Sariah loved having a playmate her age. Cute Sean is 2 and 1/2 years older then Sariah but she loved every minute that she had his attention.
Here are the 2 of them jumping on the trampoline. We went for a bike ride to the park. This is before we set the bike up but Sariah loved having a buddy in the stroller with her so they got in early and pretended we were already going.

Sean loved swinging all by himself.

At Pops and Honey's house there is only one they were learning how to share.

That is of course until we went to the park that had 2 swings side by side.

Sariah even got a special swing time with Ian.

The morning before they left we took them out to IHOP for a little food.
Sean thinks Justin is the coolest.

Justin being his goofy self.

Ian being a little crazy face and Sarah cute as ever.

James with crazy eyes over his hands.

This is the "why haven't my eggs come yet?" inquisitive face.

There might be a small reason why Justin is so goofy....

The crew patiently waiting for their food. I just noticed that this picture is divided with red on the left...white on the right...and a pink shirt in the middle.
We had a good time with Ian, Sarah, and Sean. We can hardly wait for kiddo #2 to come and join their little family.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bakersfield Tradition, Rosmary's Family Creamery

This is the last post pertaining to our trip to California for the Thanksgiving Weekend. Sorry it has taken me so long to finish all these posts. Our last day in California Grandpa took us to his favorite place in Bakersfield for lunch.
Rosemary's Family CreameryWe were the first customers of the day, we were the only ones in the whole place for a good 30 minutes. Little miss loves spending time with her Grandpa.

Everyone patiently waiting for their yummy orders.

Sariah got a cheese sandwich...this little gal loves her cheese.

This Justin loves his sweets!

Sariah getting to know her Uncle Greg a little bit better.

Sariah seems to always like to be around the boys.

Cute Christin got this huge ice cream that we were all questioning her ability to finish it.

An empty bowl? Did she have help finishing it?

Ummm...she totally had help!

I think Raymond looks so much like his Dad in this picture.

Sariah and Miss Jayde.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hallelujah! too funny!

I saw this on a friends blog and had to is too funny not to share! Merry Christmas and Hallelujah!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Spirit of Christmas

Okay...another video that made me cry....loved it!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Posing with the Reptiles

The last exhibit of our trip to the Fresno Zoo was the reptile house. Everyone was outside the exhibit posing with the strategically placed statues.
Sariah walked right up to these kids on the kimono dragon and said hello. Then she loved the turtle shell as well.

Thomas and Sariah are just too cute for words.

But these 3 gals are just too much fun for words. I had a lot of fun with these cute gals.

Sariah loves to get vocal about things these days...

She finally got those kids off the dragon.....and took it all for herself.

Here is the family at the end of the day....all smiles?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Fly, Fly, Away

The Condor has a super long wing span and we had all the kids line up and see how long their arms compared....I can't believe how much Justin has grown in the last few years. He is getting to be such a little man. Cute Christin

Super Morgan

Adorable Jayde almost looks like a bird the way she is standing....I think she practiced

Did I already say how much fun these gals can be? Yes they are teenagers and can be teenagers in every sense of the word to their parents and guardians...they can also be lots of fun...reminding me of what it was like when I was their age.

One Justin and One Morgan make a full wing span.

This was the view when we walked thru a lot of the zoo...beautiful leaves changing colors made me miss the fall time that you don't get in AZ.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Card Addresses

Please email me your address if you would like to get a cute Christmas Card from our family. Love you and Merry Christmas!

Feeding Giraffes at Fresno Zoo

This was probably may favorite picture of the giraffe feeding time...look at the super long tongue! There were 2 of giraffes, a male and female. The male was a lot taller then the female and he would not let the little lady get any food. He was being super stingy...such a selfish giraffe.

Seriously I did not know they had such long tongues.

My little animal lover Sariah trying to feed Mr Giraffe.

Justin got in on the action as well

Here is a cute shot of Andrew as well with that long giraffe tongue.