Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bakersfield Tradition, Rosmary's Family Creamery

This is the last post pertaining to our trip to California for the Thanksgiving Weekend. Sorry it has taken me so long to finish all these posts. Our last day in California Grandpa took us to his favorite place in Bakersfield for lunch.
Rosemary's Family CreameryWe were the first customers of the day, we were the only ones in the whole place for a good 30 minutes. Little miss loves spending time with her Grandpa.

Everyone patiently waiting for their yummy orders.

Sariah got a cheese sandwich...this little gal loves her cheese.

This Justin loves his sweets!

Sariah getting to know her Uncle Greg a little bit better.

Sariah seems to always like to be around the boys.

Cute Christin got this huge ice cream that we were all questioning her ability to finish it.

An empty bowl? Did she have help finishing it?

Ummm...she totally had help!

I think Raymond looks so much like his Dad in this picture.

Sariah and Miss Jayde.

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