Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ian Vists Arizona

My cute brother Ian and his little family drove through Arizona on their way home to Utah from Georgia. They had been in Georgia for about 6 months and took a good long road trip home. It was very nice to see them for a few days and spend some time just chillin'.

Sariah loved having a playmate her age. Cute Sean is 2 and 1/2 years older then Sariah but she loved every minute that she had his attention.
Here are the 2 of them jumping on the trampoline. We went for a bike ride to the park. This is before we set the bike up but Sariah loved having a buddy in the stroller with her so they got in early and pretended we were already going.

Sean loved swinging all by himself.

At Pops and Honey's house there is only one they were learning how to share.

That is of course until we went to the park that had 2 swings side by side.

Sariah even got a special swing time with Ian.

The morning before they left we took them out to IHOP for a little food.
Sean thinks Justin is the coolest.

Justin being his goofy self.

Ian being a little crazy face and Sarah cute as ever.

James with crazy eyes over his hands.

This is the "why haven't my eggs come yet?" inquisitive face.

There might be a small reason why Justin is so goofy....

The crew patiently waiting for their food. I just noticed that this picture is divided with red on the left...white on the right...and a pink shirt in the middle.
We had a good time with Ian, Sarah, and Sean. We can hardly wait for kiddo #2 to come and join their little family.

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