Thursday, December 24, 2009

Treat Free Zone

Pops calls his office the "treat free zone" and I was lucky enough one day to capture Sariah going out to Pops' office to get her "treat".Here she is coming out with her red vine...oh she loves these things and eats them soooo fast.

Sean learned quickly that day where the good stuff was and Pops made sure he had a bag of treats for his road trip home.

I love this picture cause you can see Pops getting a thank you kiss from Sariah in the background of Sean eating his red vine.

Office door closed...treat free zone closed.

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Renee and Jake said...

Grandparents are so funny. I see you have a visitor from Odessa, TX. My inlaws live there. Small world...might be smaller if they knew each other.Merry Christmas