Friday, December 18, 2009

Fly, Fly, Away

The Condor has a super long wing span and we had all the kids line up and see how long their arms compared....I can't believe how much Justin has grown in the last few years. He is getting to be such a little man. Cute Christin

Super Morgan

Adorable Jayde almost looks like a bird the way she is standing....I think she practiced

Did I already say how much fun these gals can be? Yes they are teenagers and can be teenagers in every sense of the word to their parents and guardians...they can also be lots of fun...reminding me of what it was like when I was their age.

One Justin and One Morgan make a full wing span.

This was the view when we walked thru a lot of the zoo...beautiful leaves changing colors made me miss the fall time that you don't get in AZ.

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