Monday, March 1, 2010

Captured the Moment

One Saturday morning I was in the kitchen doing dishes when I heard silence from the other room were the kids were playing. Most of the time this means Justin has left the room and Sariah is getting into something so I went to investigate.
I found Sariah laying perfectly still on the couch while Justin was covering her with the foam blocks.

Seriously a 21 month old toddler lying still? She was.

Justin was smart to put the teddy bear by her face so she wouldn't freak out and scream.

It was funny how she let him cover her with blocks and 3 blankets. That was one big baby.

The whole time enjoying every moment of her brothers undivided attention.

She even pretended to go to sleep for him.

This was a fun morning. It's always these memories that I like to remember...them playing nice together. Not the memories of teasing and screaming that come from both of them at various times. I hope they stay friends forever.

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