Friday, July 24, 2009

It's been a few weeks again

I am sorry that it's been a few weeks and I haven't posted. I just keep finding myself not sitting down to type. My cute little man with be getting baptized* tomorrow and we are all excited for the big event. I will hopefully get some good pics to post in the near future. I still have 4th of July pics and his birthday photos to share on here. I am such a slacker. So sorry.
Life has been sort of crazy the past few weeks and I have been a cranky stress case because I haven't focused on the things most important. Most of the time I just post all the good stuff that is going on because who really wants to read about all the garbage. Just know that we are all alive and well here in AZ. We are grateful for our health, our family, the rest of forever, and the gospel. What more could you ask for? Life is good.

*Baptism by immersion in water by one having authority is the first saving ordinance of the gospel and is necessary for an individual to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to receive eternal salvation. All who seek eternal life must follow the example of the Savior by being baptized and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.

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Samuel and Camille said...

I cant believe that Justin is eight... Man time flies... He looks so grown up... I get your drift with the busy life and not posting, I just did the most posts of my life and I am almost caught up... YAY for the Fraze Family