Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday Night Tub Time

So this past Tuesday night cute Justin wanted to help me give Sariah a bath. Innocent enough of a request I thought but then it turned out to be much more then just a bath for Sariah. We had a lot of fun but most likely won't have another bath night like this one so it is one for the memory books that is for sure.

After a few minutes Justin asked if he could stand in the back of the tub and help.

Then he wanted to get as close to Sariah as possible so he pulled up his shorts.

After a few minutes of getting as close to the water as he could I finally just let him take off his shirt and sit down...yes he is still wearing his shorts.

They had a blast together.

Justin was laughing the whole time and loved being in the water right next to his baby sister.

Sariah didn't understand what all the excitement was all about.

But she had fun with her big brother Justin.

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