Saturday, November 22, 2008

So many photos

Okay these are the random photos taken from the past 2 weeks. I need to get them on here before Thanksgiving Break since I will be taking so many more with Justin being home and us going out and about trying to do fun stuff.

My kids really do love being around each other...I keep hoping Justin will be this way when he is 12...what are my chances?
I love taking pics of Sariah right out of the tub...she is so cute!

Getting ready in the morning.

She loves her new towel from Aunt Cynthia!

Her shirt from Grandma Ladybug says that she wants lots of kisses...believe me she loves kisses and can't wait to get lots of them from Grandma!

Playing with the door stopper...


Happy tummy time

Uncle Hugh and Justin...


Anonymous said...

She is 100% your daughter ;)

Rae said...

What great pictures!!!

btw I tagged you on my blog. :)