Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Little Fam

So my little family is pretty much the center of my universe. My whole world revolves around them, I just love them that much....ok so sometimes I need time to myself but technically I am part of the little family so it's all good that I take time to revolve around myself? Hmmm...That sounds weird...anyway the little fam consists of

Sexy Daddy Man

The Momma

Big Brother Justin

Baby Girl Sariah

My kiddos bring lots of interesting adventures into my life as I try to learn how to take care of each of their needs simultaneously. Justin makes sure to pray each night that mom will have patience each day....Heavenly Father truly answers my Justin's prayer each day. (sometimes that answer is in the form of an extra trying day to build my patience)

Right now they get along pretty much most of the time. Justin might not like sharing the attention all the time and to tell you the truth Sariah sometimes get a little stinkery if I am paying to much attention to Justin and not fulfilling her needs. As long as her needs are met she loves having Justin around. She actually missed him the first few days he went to school too.

Sariah is sometimes afraid of Justin...can you tell?


Rae said...

What a cute family!!

lntaylormade said...

I love Sariah's facial expressions...priceless!

The Palmers said...

See, it's not too hard to post!! I love all the pics! That baby is so adorable!!! And I love the picture of you and her, so cute!! Love you tons!!

jo-mama said...

oh my, Sariah has gotten so cute! She looks just like you. The girls miss Justin! Hang in there, you are a great mama!

Renee and Jake said...

I am way glad you started a blog. I print mine every so often and use it as a family journal. I know exactly what you mean about the family being the center of your universe, whether it ii loving them, cleaning up after them, or whatever. The joy is unsurpassable.