Monday, September 1, 2008

Okay I started a blog

For all of you out there who have been giving me a hard time about not starting a it goes. Now be aware that I am hardly online so this might take forever and a day to be updated but you asked for it , so you got it. Please also be patient as I figure out how to do it all....but I am pretty internet savvy so I think I might get the hang of it pretty quickly. If not I have my genius of a husband who can help me figure it all out.
Life is always an adventure and I hope to fill you in on how it all goes at least weekly. We will see how good I get.


Farmer Kohls said...

So glad you joined the world of blogging! I love the pictures of your family. You all look very happy. Spencer and I miss you lots!

CaraDee said...

Yay! Love you!

Rae said...

My big sister has come into the techie age!