Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fishing with Grandpa Jim (Summer 2008)

I have been meaning to get our pictures from the 2 week summer time with Grandma Jeannie and Grandpa Jim posted. Since they are going to be here tomorrow just for the day and I will have a bunch more pictures with them. I need to get them posted before it is too late. We had a lot of fun with James' Grandparents. We spent a lot of the time with them in Bridgeport. While we were there the boys went fishing. Justin loved his time learning how to fish. Grandpa taught him how to cast a line and Dad taught him how to bait a hook. With all the expert lessons Justin was a pro and the only one who actually caught a fish the one morning they went out.

3 Generations of fishermen

Learning how to cast

Grandpa even went out and picked up the fish Justin caught on the practice casting.

We love Grandpa!

Grandma came out to learn from the pro.

A bug and James

Justin was awesome at casting on land.

The fish and the fisherman

Yes it's a little guy but the one and only that was caught.

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