Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pics from the weekend

So Justin's school had a Halloween Carnival on the 24th and the 3 of us dressed up. Justin was a ninja, Sariah a lady bug, me a butterfly, and James was dressed as himself...the bug catcher. He is not pictured because someone had to take the pic with my camera. We will get a better picture of us all on Halloween. Sariah was not a fan of staying up late for the carnival.

Mom and Sariah

Oh the joy of a baby.

Chatting it up with Mom


jkmace said...

I too just love dressing up for Halloween. It brings out the true kid in us all!!! You I am sure are much more of one then me...miss you lots and love memories of our days. Your kids look really cute!! of, course you too.

Becktacular said...

The first picture of all of you together is my absolute favorite! Y'all are SO CUTE!!! I am so happy for you. Can't wait to see more Halloween pics!

Rae said...

What cute pictures!! Thanks T!

Mark & Julia said...

Tiana, your daughter is getting so big--she is adorable. I love her costume! Glad I found your blog!

Janika said...

That last face is killer funny. So sweet.