Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eating with Cuteness

Sariah is so cute that sometimes I find it difficult to get much done because I just want to play with her and get her to smile at me. She melts my heart and makes me giggle all the time. Oh the simple joys of motherhood.
She was having so much fun eating her peas this past week that I had to take the time to snap a few shots with my cell phone. Okay so it's more then a few but I think they tell a great story....

Those peas are so yummy mom...Promise I loved them!

Would I lie to you?

Ok get me out of this seat..


Got any more food?

What no more?

Well I spit in your general direction!

Concentrate hard on the spoon to

practice to get the thing in my mouth.

I'm done already!

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