Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Made it home

Yes I am calling Texas home. After being with my family in Utah for a good long vacation it was nice to come home and see my husband who came home a week earlier. Oh how I missed him....I think I missed him most when I was on the flight home at about 9pm with 2 very tired kids and no him. (I am so thankful that some friends from the ward were on our same flight and helped get me to baggage claim in a speedy manner.)
There are a ton of pictures and stories to blog about....I can hardly wait. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are here safe a sound. I miss my family back in the great state of Utah, I enjoyed every moment I had with everyone. Thank you for making our time there so wonderful! I will start counting down the days soon of when I get to see them again but for now I love being home with all the suitcases that need to be unpacked and the grocery shopping that needs to be done.


Our Little World said...

Hey, so glad you are back! Call me when you get settled in. Also, email me at mimiharshe@yahoo.com so I can send you an invite to my blog!

erin said...

Glad you guys are getting settled. We just got our suitcases put away!