Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Museum of Nature and Science right here in Dallas

A few weeks ago we had a family fun activity directed by Justin. We have not had a family fun activity in a long time. Family fun activities require the whole family to participate in whatever activity is chosen by the children. I made a list of fun things to do around the Dallas area in February and Justin got to pick which one he wanted to do. (Being the oldest definitely has it's privileges, since he will most likely be able to keep picking the family fun day activities for about 4 more years. When do you think Sariah will start wanting to pick the activities?) Anyway, Justin picked the Museum of Nature and Science

We spent the most time in the area with bubbles. Justin got really good at making the bubbles.

Learning the technique.

Wow look how big they get!

He thought it was so cool!

Daddy and Sariah tried to make some bubbles too.

Playing music

Sariah kept trying to find Justin

Buiding an Arch

Playing in the infant area with the blocks

She gets around

Rock climbing

There were tons of things to do at the Nature and Science Museum, I just didn't take pictures of all the things we got to explore. Justin seriously could of spent a whole day in each exhibit learning about each given topic. He asked to go back with a notebook so he can take notes on what he learns. My little man loves to learn new things.


jkmace said...

wow the bubbles look awesome. I wish I lived closer, I would go on a mommy kid date with you, I know that my kids would love it! It sure looks like yours did.Super cute photos!

Our Little World said...

how fun! love james w/the baby bjorn. and i'd say you have 2 years. by the time she is 3 she'll want to pick!