Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pics from the Phone

As I was getting the pictures off of my phone I noticed that there were a lot of Sariah and only a few of Justin. I was wondering why this is so. I came to the conclusion that my days are primarily spent with Sariah. I spend about 12 waking hours with her a day. Justin and I get about 6 hours together each day and James and I are lucky to get 4 hours each day when we are both awake. Needless to say I get to see Sariah doing more cute things each day. I am going to try harder this next week to get more photos of Justin and James. For now here are the pics from this week.

Sariah loves being independent in her chair at the table.

I love this one...she is so cute.

Cute Justin

Close up of little Miss eating a Mum-Mum

I didn't notice the alien in the background until way after I took the picture.

Eating some bread

Trying to get away from getting her picture taken.

Mom stop taking pictures of me!

Losing that front tooth.

And again!

Getting sweaty in the car waiting to pick up Justin from school.

Sariah do you see Justin?

Getting personal with the window.


Our Little World said...

So cute! How did you get the pics onto the blog?

Emily said...

I love your stinkin' cute family!