Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sitting at the Big Table

So Sariah has moved out of sitting and eating in her bumbo to sitting at the family table. She wouldn't let me sit at the table for dinner without holding her. That of course would turn into a game of who can get the food on mom's plate first. While it was a fun game for a bit she needed to have her own seat. I got her one of those chairs that attaches to the table and she loves it. The following are pictures of her the first night at the dinner table.
She had sweet potatoes for dinner...can you tell?

Always wanting to do what Justin does, she loves her big brother.

We had yummy gumbo for dinner

She can drink from a sippy cup all by herself too.

Happy baby girl becoming so independent already!

She is just too cute for words...seriously!

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Our Little World said...

Exactly...just too cute for words. I wanna eat her up!