Monday, May 18, 2009


Over the weekend James and Justin went on a father and son campout with our ward. I had an empty night with just Sariah and I...we decided to babysit my favorite kiddos. I love these kids so much. They have so much love and energy to give.
The oldest gives me a hug every time I see her no matter where we are at and she just loves to hang around me. The youngest reminds me a whole bunch of my little Sariah and what she will be like in 7 months. They are really so much alike it's funny at times to watch them interact. The middle guy is very loveable and likes things just so. He was in such an awesome mood when I was babysitting and I love his precious smile. These kiddos seriously made my evening so nice and I loved playing with them and the camera. I captured some awesome pics and the oldest gal got some great ones as well.

Miss T got this picture of me and I loved it. You can tell that I am having a blast with these kids.

Miss T also got a great picture with me and the other 3. I wish she could be in this picture as well but she did an awesome job taking it.

Seriously could there be a happier bunch? There mama is an amazing and wonderful lady. These smiles are because of her love and patience with them every day. I don't know how she does it, she inspires me daily. I look forward to meeting the new addition soon. Hopefully this weekend. I love you guys. Thanks for letting me have fun with your cute kiddos.

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Renee and Jake said...

How sweet are you!!! The minute I get rid of any my kids, I do not want anymore.....I try to get Renee time. You are so nice. I am sure their parents feel blessed