Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey, a night at the circus!

The past week we got to go to the circus. Wahoo! It was the first time for both Justin and Sariah to attend the circus. I hadn't been in a super long time so it was fun for me too, well as fun as a circus can be with a 13 month old baby. I am thankful we went early enough for the pre-show because that was the highlight of my night!

Brynn and Justin figuring out their magic trick before the show started.

Pops the man who made it all possible! Thank you!

Daddy and Sariah on pre-show walk.
Sariah and I went down to the arena to see the sights and we got there just in time for the elephants. It was awesome. Sariah had been trying to do the elephant noise all week and she got to see them up close, she loved it. They were painting.

They put out this fog stuff so the pictures are horrible.

We also got really up close to a clown. Sariah wasn't sure what to do with the clowns but Laurel and Menleigh were all smiles!

Right before the show started, my little family.

Right after the show ended out front. Part of the group already left so I took a pic of all of us that were left. It was a fun night for everyone.

Sariah and I probably only saw about a third of the show. She was way tired and next time I go to the circus I won't take a 13 month old....I will wait till they are older or just stay home with the baby and let the rest of the fam enjoy.


Cherry Blossoms said...

Did you ever get the order I sent to you? Let me know. Your MIL was asking.

Our Little World said...

The circus! How fun! My favorite pic is of Justin and his smile. I guess Sariah is at 'that age' now, huh?!