Thursday, August 13, 2009

First day of school in AZ

Justin got to go to school this week! He was so excited to make new friends. I must admit that every year I have dropped him off at school those first few minutes I have anxiety and nerves galore about how his day is going to go and how much Sariah and I are going to miss him. But the nerves subside and the anxiety relaxes as I come home to a quiet house with just Sariah and no other kids! We are so excited when it's time for him to come home though. Sariah misses her favorite playmate.

We had a little photo shoot before school. Handsome little man.

Look at how big he is getting, can you believe he is in 3rd grade?

The other 3rd grader in the house is little miss cutie Laurel!

This little miss Menleigh is a big 6th grader this year.

Here is our big junior high girl, Brynn.

They were trying so hard to be nice to me as I made them take group pics.

This one is one of my favorites.

The cute sisters in all their normalness.

I tried to get them to jump all at the same time and this is what I got....I took a whole bunch of them doing this and I love the faces in this one.

The cutie 3rd graders

It was easier to get 2 of them jumping at the same time. Justin is such a goof.

My handsome man of many faces.

Off the go to catch the bus.

Sariah eating breakfast before Justin and I leave for school.

Oh the cuteness of my children

Justin was so done with the pictures by this time but I snuck one last picture before he got out of the car to go on his new adventure of 3rd grade.

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Harshes said...

Oh my gosh, those are so cute! I hope Justin makes great friends and has a wonderful school year! And I love that you DRIVE him. No bus! ;) Enjoy your quiet days with all those crazy munchkins at school! Love ya!