Friday, September 11, 2009


A friend of mine said to me the other day...what woman doesn't love a pedicure? At the time when this was said I could think of a few women (that I know personally) who do not like their feet touched, they would be the ones who wouldn't love a pedicure. But I have got to say I am not one of those women. I love, love, love pedicures and you can never ever go wrong in getting me a gift that has to do with a pedicure.
Seriously, these things are amazing. You pay people to clean your feet, get all the dirt and callouses off. After the thorough cleaning, they proceed to rub your feet and legs...massages are heavenly especially on tired feet! Then they paint those little toes whatever color you choose and they look so great! Oh I love them.
We got our toes painted last week as a little gift for being great mom's and I took a picture of the finished product. Can you tell which toes are mine? Thanks again Patty! Anytime you need a pedicure buddy, let me know!


Lindsey Walker said...

love love love pedicures too! to bad we never went when you lived here :(

Luke and Niki said...

I love pedi's too!! I told luke i have to get one before the delivery so I can look down at my feet and know they are callous free and nicely painted in the moment. I figure it will take my mind off of things. lol

Luke and Niki said...

PS your feet are on the left!

Tiana said...

Niki is the smartest...those are my cutie toes!