Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Girl and her Puppy

Little Miss loves puppy dogs because of this cute dog. She can't get enough of this gal. As soon as we moved in with my Dad she was all over Paisleigh. Sariah calls her Pup pup. Paisleigh lets Sariah lay all over her. When we first got here Sariah was fascinated with Pup Pup's eyes and would stick her finger in them. Paisleigh would just sit there and let her for the majority of the time. When she gets tired of it she just gets up. Here they are watching Sesame Street together.

Most of the time they just stay close to each other. I don't know what Sariah is going to do when we move into a house without a dog....I am sure it will give her all the more reason to be excited to visit Pops and Honey cause we are not going to own a dog.

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