Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Girl's Hair

Thank you for the great advice on what to do with my cute little girls hair. The little clear elastics hold her very thin hair in place perfectly, which makes it possible for the adorable hair pretties.

Cuteness squared

The hair is totally out of her eyes! I love it!

It is so wonderful that she doesn't pull them out that often either. Every now and then she'll take them out but for the most part she leaves them in all day.

Here she is at soccer practice with her glasses and the straight up Pebbles look.

I love that her hair can grow nice and long without me cutting the bangs. You can tell how long her hair is getting with this shot from the back.


Sandy said...

Aren't those things the BEST!!! I remember dealing with Amanda's hair at that age. Luckily we lived far away because she looked like an orphan for a couple of years. With Avery we had the tiny elastics and they were a wonder. I love them!

Carrie said...

She's getting so big. She's an absolute doll. I love her hair.