Thursday, October 15, 2009

Band Concert

We got to go to our cute Brynn's first band concert of the year last week. My camera is starting to die so please be as patient as you can with the horrible quality of the pictures. We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the band in which Brynn preforms. Another major bonus is the concert only lasted an hour! For some reason band concerts in my mind used to drag on forever but this concert had 2 bands perform and it last only an hour...even with an intermission! I think all band directors should take this form of concert and run with it.
Here is the back of our cute Brynn when she had first got on stage. 2nd one in. She thought that if she put her hand up to block her face I would stop taking pictures...she doesn't know me just provoked me to try even harder...yes I am that embarassing sister who makes sure you get your picture taken while performing.

Here is a friend of Brynn's from our ward who we all think is awesome. He played in the band before her.

Brynn is a very talented young lady and here I caught her in action playing her lovely clarinet.

I captured this picture just in time and love the faces. My dad and baby girl look too cute with the same expression across their faces. Do you think they might be related? Sariah loves her Pops! She climbed up on his lap for a hug and stayed for a little bit.
She actually let me watch the whole concert without having to go out of the auditorium. Little Miss loves most music and will dance along to the beat. Keeping her confined to our row wasn't difficult with the music entertaining us all.

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