Friday, November 27, 2009

Another Hiking Day in November

We left to go hiking a little bit earlier in the day and loved the view of the valley from the top of the ridge.
We hiked up and down ridge line for about 2 hours.

Sariah wasn't as good of a hiker this time and looking back on it I think she was teething and cold. James and I traded back and forth on who was carrying her depending on who she wanted at the time. I did catch one little smile from her before the tears started.

My little Justin is always full of smiles. Isn't he so handsome?

Sariah got the privilege to get out of the backpack for a moment. It didn't last very long but she loved it.

James is not wearing a pink belt, it's Sariah's sippy cup.

Super Hikers

An awesome rock formation that was taller then James. You can't tell cause we weren't able to get close to it but it was huge.

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