Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last Day for the Auction!!!

These cute kids belong to my friend Valerie. 5 kids under the age of 5 . That is a handful in and off itself. There is a set of triplets in there...2 boys and the one girl. Then there is her 2 cute boys that her little family adopted in 2007. Right now they are trying to raise money to bring 2 more cute little kids into their family. I thought I had it rough with my 2...she is going to have 7!! Please Please Please visit this blog!!!! She is having a silent auction on her blog to raise money to bring 2 more cute kids to her forever family for her to love. There are lots of cute items to purchase that can be given as presents for Christmas or Baby Showers. I have bid on lots of them and will continue to bid....I just need some people to bid against. Please go check it out and if there is something that catches your eye bid! The auction ends on Sunday, November 15th.

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Janika said...

Sunday night at 10. Missed it. I miss you too. Looks like all is well with you. Our little babies are all getting so big!