Thursday, February 11, 2010

Glendale Arizona Chocolate Festival

The weekend before Valentines Day they have a chocolate festival in Glendale, Arizona every year. This was our first year to go to it, most likely our last year to go as well. It was a good memory but not an event that I would take kiddos to again.
We went on Saturday afternoon and it was jammed packed with people. It was seriously way to crowded and I wish I would of brought the backpack instead of the stroller for Sariah. There were not enough chocolate booths. I think the regular type festival booths out numbered the chocolate booths 3 to 1. The best part of the whole festival was getting to see my great friend Nikki! She has the cutest little gal too.
Here is Justin's favorite booth. It was the donut making booth. They had chocolate dipping sauce for the donuts. We didn't get these for our treat because Little Man really wanted chocolate covered strawberries. Can you just imagine the fat content on those donuts?

This beautiful strawberry cost $3. It was super yummy.

So happy to have his strawberry but so bummed that he only got 1 for his $3.

Sariah's strawberry.

She attempted to eat it.

Didn't like the effort it took to get to the strawberry, she wasn't a fan of the dark chocolate.

Can you see the sarcasm on this face? Seriously 1 strawberry for $3?

This little bee on the ground was once in my hair. My friend Nikki gave me a hug and found him in my hair! She saved my life.

They had all these jump houses way over priced as well. Justin got to jump through this one for $3. Seriously we thought they would let him go more then once. Nope. Can we say rip off?

Sariah was entertained for free with the water coming out of the rocks. This lasted until she got soaking wet.

Nikki and her cute Claire with Justin.

The yummy chocolate covered banana made it's way into the pic with me and Nikki. Love this girl and so glad that she is in AZ again. We will have to hang out in a less crowded area next time!


bren hatch said...

That girl is totally in my ward! How do you know her?

Luke and Niki said...

I have been waiting for this post and dont know how i missed it! lol

I am sooooo glad you live here in AZ now. And I loved seeing you and your kiddos!!! Lets not wait too long to get together again.=)