Wednesday, February 10, 2010

House, a work in progress

I have such a handy husband. The only thing he hasn't done on our house is the roof. We got some one to come out and take care of fixing that for us. Here is a shot of the roof before the add the shingles. No more yucky green carpet and such a cute wheel barrel. Not a permanent fixture in our living room.

No more tile on the ground, stove in the family room?

We are missing some drywall on the ceiling? The roof leak damaged this ceiling that James tore out.

Our once very empty garage now full of all our things that have been in storage.

Can hardly wait to move this stuff into the house.

There has been more work done since these pictures. I have picked out tiles, carpet, paint, and much more. I will update them as I take them. Each day it feels more and more like our home.


Sandy said...

Such a cute looking house. I love the window looking into the play room. Keep the noise in while still having a good view. So nice to have a handy husband to make it your own.

Perry Mountain Home said...

I am so happy for you guys! It's got to be an amazing feeling to pick out all those things yourself getting exactly what you want. And i am super-impressed you guys are such handy do-it-yourselfers!