Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines Class Party

Sariah and I got to go to Justin's class party this year. We had lots of fun with his classroom.
Here is the bag Justin made for all his valentines. We Love Ms. G! She is such a great teacher!!

For there party they had valentine floats and lots of cookies and candies. I thought the floats were a cute idea. Using strawberry or vanilla ice cream with cherry 7-up or regular 7-up. Lots of fun for the kids.

Justin's bag was filling can see his book off to the side of his bag. He is such an avid reader. He is at a 6th grade reading level right now....yes he is only in 3rd grade and he has read sooo much. He keeps his book handy if he ever has a moment to read in peace.

Sariah really thinks the world of her big brother. She loves him to pieces.

Justin's 3rd Grade Class. Do yo see Justin?

Crazy class picture.

Me with my kiddos.

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theblibbys said...

cute little family! I think it's funny because I used to take pictures with my class like that, too! One serious and one funny! :) Love it! PS: Your daughter looks just like you....ADORABLE!