Monday, April 12, 2010

Airplane! Trip to Utah

Sariah and I got to leave on a jet plane to go visit Utah for an extended weekend.
Sariah was so excited to finally go on a plane that while we were at the airport she watched the planes intently. She would say, "Big Plane, Sariah's Big Plane?" Then I would ask her where we were going to go on the big plane and she would respond with, "Tallie and Ebe" Ebe would be her cousin Abe.
While in Utah we stayed with my cute sister Tallie and her little family. Sariah instantly wanted to follow Abe around every where....
Here they are pretending to take a nap.

Abe isn't really asleep.

Neither is Sariah.

This year my mom is getting 5 new grandkids. The one pregnant lady who is missing from this picture lives in Texas and actually had her baby boy a month early in February. All the pregnant ladies are so cute and so excited. My mom is getting 4 boys and 1 girl out of all the grand babies this year.

My brother Hugh wanted to be a part of the picture so he pretended to be pregnant too.

Left to Right: Cynthia is due in May, Tallie is due at the beginning of June, Sarah is due at the beginning of July, and Julie is due at the end of July. Aren't they all so adorable.

Sariah playing with some of her cousins. I took this picture to show how long my nephew Kent's hair has gotten....he is the one sitting on the floor with long blond hair.

Cute relaxing pregnant ladies.

My Mom and Dad Kent, with Tallie's hubby.

The first day I was there we celebrated my brother Kent's he is blowing out his cupcake candles.

This gal knows what the good stuff is...she only eats the icing.

Kent enjoying his cupcake with the long hair.


Megan and Vinny said...

i think there's still time to give your mom 6 grandbabies this year! :)

is the one who had her baby a month early doing ok? how about the baby?

love you!

Tiana said...

You are baby coming from me this year. I wish but it's going to happen. Yes Baby and Momma are both doing fine. They went home 2 days after delivery. No problems.