Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day at the Park in March

As the house isn't the best place to hang out in with unfinished everything. We have tried to find other things to do. The park is one of Sariah's favorite things to do and if we have time before Justin gets out of school we go early to pick him up and play for a bit.
Her favorite part of the park is the slides. She loves to go up and down the slides as often as she can while there. Here she is at the bottom.

Oh wait...I want to climb up the slide.

And she kept going...I thought for sure she wouldn't make it up to the top.

But she totally made it and said "Ta Da" when she got there....these kids kindly got out of her way. Well maybe she might have screamed at them in her piercing way....I can't remember since we have been trying to break her of the screaming at other children habit.

When school gets out Justin comes to play with us. Justin is really Sariah's favorite playmate.

She wants to do everything he does.

Most of the time he doesn't mind.

Notice that Sariah's little feet are at the opposite end of the tunnel to Justin.

He was trying to surprise her but she just climbed in the tunnel to take a snooze.

So instead of going out the way he came in he climbed over the snoozing Sariah.

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