Friday, April 9, 2010

Flowers and Silly

From these lovely pictures taken March 12th, you can see that some of the house is finished and some of it is still plastic. To the right of the beautiful flowers you see that the dining room is covered in plastic for James to finish the ceiling. To the left of the flowers you see the doors that are some what finished...all of them are primed and some are painted but none of them are finished as of today's date. Silly Justin with a ball in his shirt. Seriously this kid makes me giggle.

He makes Sariah giggle much much more.

A way to cure the construction zone blues is one get beautiful roses from my hubby for no reason.

And two have this kiddo as a son.

Even though life is far from perfect by many peoples is perfect for me and I love it!

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megan said...

beautiful blessings...