Thursday, April 15, 2010

Track and Field Day

Track and Field day was fun for Sariah and I to attend.
Here is Justin's teacher Ms. G racing all the boys in the class....Justin is the one in the orange shirt. Justin is one strong little man and his team won all of the tug of war contests between the 3rd graders.

Sariah had a lot of fun cheering with me for Justin. She would say "Go Justin Go!"

My cute sister Laurel is also a third grader and Sariah got to spend sometime with her during the event.


Thom and Jamie Stansfield said...

Ah so cute and fun! Sariah totally has hair just like my Paisley's! And do you seriously have a sister in third grade?! Justin has an aunt his own age? Lol that is just cool!

DLonna said...

I so wish my kids' field days were like this. There is just something so fun about running a race, carrying an egg on spoon, tossing a ball as far as you can, etc. Just good old fashion competition.