Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BBQ with our favorite Neighbors!

Cute Justin had to plan and cook an outdoor meal for one of his cub scout wolf requirements. We planned on going to the park and having a little bbq as a fam but right before we left my loving husband said to me..."Who is coming with us?" Needless to say he wanted someone to talk to and hangout with while we grilled. So I called a few people to see if they had plans and one of our most favorite neighbors were not busy. Thank goodness they didn't mind the last minute BBQ invite....they even invited us over to their place to swim while the grilling took place.
Mind you this was in the middle of April so the water was a little too cold to enjoy for long. Here is Sariah testing out the water. Justin could careless if it was cold....he jumped right in.

My sexy man heating up our little camping grill.

Yummy veggie kabobs.

Awesome neighbor husband helping sexy husband with the grill.

The Carne.

Cutie Neighbor Son

Seriously I am so glad they live so close to hang out....just wish we could hang out more often. We had so much fun with our wonderful neighbors and I can't wait to do it again.
Awesome Neighbor and her hubby!

Thank you guys!

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Melinda said...

You are too sweet. We had a great time with you too! :) We are so thrilled you are our neighbors and I personally feel very blessed.