Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Pinewood Derby

We experienced our first pinewood derby in the month of April. Justin had a blast making his car with Daddy...I wasn't there for that part so there are no pictures of the making process. They had such good bonding time.
Then the big day of the Derby came and they were all excited. All the cubscouts waiting for the race to begin.

Pinewood Derby is a serious event....look at this track.

Patiently waiting to race their cars.

Awesome leaders setting their cars on the track.

a look at the track

Justin's car is on the middle blue lane.

Oh he is so cute.....intently listening for his number.

Cheering squad.

Big Smiles

She really is laughing in this picture even if it looks like she is in pain.

Little Man didn't win but he had so much fun!

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