Friday, July 23, 2010

Backyard at Pop's and Honey's

We love to hand out at Pop's and Honey's house. It is so much fun for my kiddos. They love their Pops and Honey. They also love their Brynn, Menleigh, and Laurel. One night this past June we went over to hangout for a bit and played in the backyard for awhile.

Sariah loves one on one time with her Honey. Can you just tell in that smile?Swinging with Honey.

The rest of the kiddos and I played a random rendition of Badminton.
Here are some pictures taken by Laurel and myself.

Menleigh helping Brynn serve.

Trying to teach Justin how to catch flies while he serves.

Being silly

I think they might have scored.

Action shot.

Is Menleigh done with me taking pictures?


Love hanging out with family and playing games.

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