Friday, September 5, 2008

Baby Girl keeps me busy!

So Sariah is pretty much the one I spend the most time with each day. I love seeing each facial expression as she discovers new things. Her smile makes me melt. Her cry makes me sad. Her giggles make me laugh. Babies are so much fun....don't get me wrong they are a lot of work and sleep is a lot harder to get these days but I wouldn't change any of it.
Here are some of the pics I have been able to capture of her on my camera phone. I put the date so you can judge if she is growing....I think she is getting huge!

Smiles in the mirror 8/18

Finger Sucker 8/20

The pondering pose

Eek you caught me in the tub!

Tummy Time 8/01

Talking with Momma 8/30

Tummy time 8/22

Peek a Boo 8/26

Sweet Sleeper 8/31

Giggles 8/22


JamieSue said...

she is adorable! congrats! aren't baby's the greatest? Especially girls! I am so happy for you!

Ashley said...

Tiana your family is gorgeous!! What a beautiful little girl you have!! Congrats!

CaraDee said...

Oh, I see a bit of the Gifford in her....or whatever your Mom's maiden name is too...??

Soooo cute.

Cluff Family said...

She is precious! Congrats mom! You did a great job.

~The Singletons~ said...

SO CUTE! I'm so glad you're blogging now too! It's fun and exciting. Hope all is well, don't be a stranger! xoxo

The Palmers said...

So cute, and yes, I can tell she is getting bigger! I love that she has dimples!!! I am sad Abe didn't get them, but there is always next And cute Justin in his favorite red shirt...LOL. I would have picked that one too!!!
Love you tons!!

Megan and Vinny said...

wow... what a beauty. she takes after her mom, that's for sure! missing you! love, megan

Janika said...

Babies are the best thing in the whole world! Your baby has more hair than both of my 8 month-old babies combined.

Effie said...

My goodness Tiana! She is BEAUTIFUL! What a cutie!