Monday, September 15, 2008

Pictures from last week and update

So last week as you know from my previous post that my phone stopped working so I couldn't take any more pics on my camera phone of Sariah in action. But these are the one's I took before the phone went blank.... enjoy! (Yes I will start using my regular camera, it's just not always on me like my phone is)

For the past 2 weeks Sariah has been eating every 2 hours so when she sleeps I am really excited. (She is back to eating between 3 to 4 hours just so you know.)

Aunt Tallie got Sariah this outfit and I think it is so darn adorable...this picture was taken right before she peed all over the glad I got the pics first.
It says little peanut

Sucking on the hands again

I thought she was looking so big in this outfit....almost ready to tip over.

She has such a cute face and this picture seriously does not do it justice. Hopefully she will become more photogenic as she grows up.

We survived the Hurricane hitting Texas. By the time it got to us it was a Tropical Storm and we really weren't hit that bad. We had rain and winds but nothing serious at all. I am just so glad that we were well prepared if something did happen. Poor Justin had to stay home with us all day Saturday and we did chores almost the whole day....I don't think you can count making cookies and muffins a chore if you are a kid. It is a chore for mom but not for Justin, he loved it!

Yesterday was awesome with Elder Bednar coming to speak to us. His talk was amazing and seriously he was talking straight to me and what I needed to hear....I am sure others got what they needed to hear too but it felt so he was sitting there just chatting with me about my life. Loved it.

Anyway, hopefully I will get some pics posted of what happened this summer. They should be coming in the next few weeks.

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