Monday, September 15, 2008

The Mustangs at Williams Square

One from the Summer....
Back in July we went to Williams Square to see the Mustang was a pretty neat water fountain with the mustang horses running through it...I liked it but I am not sure the rest of the clan are the pics from the adventure

The whole fam right before we left the square

Justin seeing how far away he can get from us and trying to get in the water

One of the horses getting his hoofs wet

This one looks like he might be a little afraid of the water, sort of like he was running full steam and then was trying to stop but he was going to fast so he was going to jump in anyway...

All the pretty horses

A shot from the entrance

Sariah loves the sound of water...she is about 2 months in this picture
more of the pretty horses and you can see Justin at the lead of them

He wanted to be in this water so badly...but I didn't bring a towel and their were security guards making sure we didn't get in...

So this is before we figured out just how to get it so she could see out...I thought it was a funny pic even though it looks like she is miserable...don't worry we figured out after a few minutes how to make it so she could see


lntaylormade said...

I love that last pic of Sariah's face peeking out! haha classic!

Janika said...

We saw the mustangs shortly after we moved here as well. The only difference is I had 6 kids I was trying to keep out of the water. Did you visit the museum inside? I think the kids at least appreciated it on some level.

Rae said...

What fun!

That looks like such a cool fountain. And what a great family shot. :)