Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Week in Pictures

Hold on to your hats because there are a lot of pictures this week and Thursday isn't even over yet. There is a high possibility that there will be more pictures coming but I had to make sure these ones got posted or who know what would of happened.

Justin has been begging me for new PJ's for the past week. He has been growing in height for the past few months and they are just getting to short. To get his point across I caught him doing this one morning. He is such a goof.
His best Steve Erkle impression.

How can this smile not make you giggle and run out to buy new PJ's? Oh I love the hair too!

Sariah's new development is drinking water from Mom's bottle. Her pediatrician said it was okay to give her some water if we had been outside alot during the summer months. So she has been drinking water since she was a month old...not a lot...and not every day...just when she has been outside for excessive amounts of time...anyway...for the past 3 weeks she has been watching me drink from my bottle and smacking her week we tried it and she loves it!

Sariah and I all ready to go pick up Justin from school.

Waking up from a nap in Mom's bed

She used to love the bounce so much

Now she tries to get out of it...needless to say she is only put in the bounce when I am close by and need my hands.

Justin has graduated to holding Sariah while standing. Mom is so paranoid that he will drop and break her leg that he doesn't get to do this too often and only started it this week. ( I have had 2 brothers who were dropped as infants by siblings who were walking and holding them, so the paranoia has a basis.)

We walk Justin to school every morning and Sariah loves to be outside.

Oh I could just kiss this face! It has been colder the past few mornings so she has a hat on this day. I caught this face with my new phone...oh it's so cute! I think it's my favorite picture this week.

I love the Baby Bjorn...Sariah and I go every where with it.

This week I made muffins for Justin to take with him on our walk to school. Do you think he likes them from the look of this picture?

Packing the backpack before we leave on our walk.

Chatting it up with Mom.

I was trying to get the smiles

But she kept on talking so no smiles but lots of fun faces.

I love that she is so content after her naps.

Happy Time
I am sure there will be another post this week with more pictures for all to enjoy. My cute kiddos keep me busy and happy. Sariah is waking from her nap right now so I got to get this posted before she realizes that I am not there picking her up....


Rae said...

I didn't drop Ian....I tripped. I swear it! Lol!

And Paul's got broke on the trampoline, that was completely different.

What great pics of the kids T. How adorable. :)

jkmace said...

Absolutely Precious! Enjoy it while you can they grow up WAY to fast!

Megan and Vinny said...

lovin the pictures!!! we want even more. the one with sariah in the hat is amazing. i just want to pinch those baby cheeks!

Reams Fam said...

I love the picture of Sariah with her hat! She is too cute! Isn't being a mom wonderful?!